Start Getting Healthy In Just 3 Weeks – Jumpstart Your Diet With Weight Loss Before and After Teens

Start Getting Healthy In Just 3 Weeks – Jumpstart Your Diet With Weight Loss Before and After Teens

weight loss before and after teensBeing a teenager is a unique, and sometimes difficult, phase of everyone’s life. During this span, people mature from a child into an adult – and they deal with some adult issues too. One issue that teens and adults alike struggle with is maintaining a healthy weight. Below is a compilation of some useful weight loss tips specifically tailored towards teens. With hard work and determination, it’s possible to start seeing real changes in the body in just three weeks. Check out our article on weight loss before and after teens!

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Avoid Ridiculous Diets

If a diet plan sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Losing weight is simple math – if someone burns more calories than they eat, they’ll lose weight. Diets that ban entire food groups or call for severe calorie restriction may result in some quick weight loss, but they’re usually not sustainable. What use is dropping a huge amount of weight if you’ll just relapse and gain it all back? Teens should eat a minimum of 1,600 calories to ensure they get the nutrients they need for growth. Eat at least that amount and don’t overindulge and you’ll start to see some real results in as fast as 3 weeks.

Don’t Drink Your Calories

This tip is really simple, but it can be very hard to apply. Our bodies crave sugar and fat because early humans didn’t have a reliable source of food. Eating high calorie foods was a necessity back then, because it could be a few days before a person could eat again. The vast majority of teens, at least in the western world, have regular access to food – but our bodies still crave sugar wherever we can get it. A huge source of sugar – and a huge source of weight gain – are sugary drinks and soda.


A moderate amount of soda or juice can be several hundred calories. A large drink from a fast food restaurant can be close to a thousand. Think of all the extra food you could eat with 1000 calories. Sugary drinks give people pleasure, but they don’t keep us full or provide any nutritional value. Teens need adequate nutrition for healthy development, so opt for water and replace your soda with more nutrient dense food. Check out the section below for more elaboration on weight loss before and after teens.

Everything in Moderation

Tying in with the section above, you shouldn’t restrict yourself from eating specific foods or, on the flipside, overindulge. If you want candy or ice cream, eat candy or ice cream – but don’t make it a regular habit. Eating a wide variety of food will keep you interested and satiated, but a big part of the weight loss battle is learning portion control.


Modern society has a “bigger is better” mentality that leads to extreme over-consumption of food. Eat slowly and drink a lot of water and pay attention to your body’s cues. If you’re full, stop eating. We often interpret thirst or boredom as hunger, and learning to tell the difference will make a large difference when it comes to dropping weight as a teen.


Weight loss can be a lifelong journey, but it starts with the first step. With these tips for teens, you’re equipped with the tools to jumpstart your journey towards a healthy, happier, you. When you look back at the before and after, you’ll find that applying these simple guidelines made a tough task much more manageable. We hope you’ve gotten some good information and motivation from this post on weight loss before and after teens.

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